20110814 +Jack Plays Ball

20110814 + Up very slow morning, no church... D went out to mow and the mower completely broke... So D&I headed out to buy a new mower and got panda express for lunch. LJ&G to J's baseball scrimmage an hour EARLY... D&I met them there, in plenty of time, and watched/helped with J's game. It was a really good game, J seemed to forget how to swing??? But he had a good tome and did excellent at first base.

After the game JG&I dropped the team shirts off at Joe's to get the boys names put on them. Back home and D was mowing the yard. J&I ran and got pizzas. I had to run to a Cub Scout meeting which un-nerved me a bit... Home and watched a movie with the boys. All boys to bed, up talking to Joe and researching finance sites for CREI.