20110418 + Civilized Eggs

20110418 - Late start, catching up on Bible reading missed during the camp out.
At the desk with a mountain of paper, mails and calls.  Nervous about tomorrow's trip to the point of paralysis...  Finally got in gear and desk is cleaned off, all caught up.  Watched G while L went to the Dr today.  Joe over to get the weed eater.  All boys home. G taking a nap, L raking out front, D doing homework and J playing.  Finishing up my day.  Had dinner with the fam and then took a bike ride to Signatures with J&G.  We all met back at the playground for D's baseball practice and some play time.  I took J&G home for showers.  All home and boys to bed, out to Bible Bangers.

20110417 + Up early, but not as early as yesterday...  Very cold this morning but NO RAIN :-)  We had breakfast with the Pack and then started cleaning up our campsite. J and I took one final hike down along the creek and then J crossed the creek and back on some fallen logs.  We climes a steep hill to get back to the car. 
Back to civilization and J&I took long hot showers. LD&G home from church, they had an easter egg hunt, and we all unpacked the car and had lunch. We then set things out to dry before putting them away.  The boys played pretty good in the backyard and L&I gave the white car it's annual cleaning.  All in and ready for bed, everyone completely exhausted.