20110401 - Lori's 40 Birthday SURPRISE!!!

20110401 - Up in the am and everyone very excited.  Lori turned 40 today and all the presents we wrapped last night anxiously awaited her opening them.  The boys fought over what was to get open first...  G's shaving cream and razors were first, then J's Kitchen & House magazines, D's 'Glee' CD #4 and then the rest of the wonderful garden seeds, gloves, candy, etc, etc...  They were all things the boys picked out themselves...  I got her a shower caddy and a magazine for seniors ;-)  The day progressed normally, we ran errands and had lunch at a pizza place and got a check for a house closing.

The day ran on  and moved SUPER SLOW...  Eventually J's friends showed up and off he went.  Then while Lori was getting ready G&I dropped D off at his friends.  Back home to get L and then dropped off G at Nic's.  ALONE FINALLY!  We headed to Easton and Abuelo's for a really nice dinner.  It only took an hour and then heading back to get G we had to make a quick stop at 'The Sanctuary' in old Gahanna to drop off the closing check to Jeff so he would have it for tomorrow morning.  He was there for his daughters dance recital.  Lori reluctantly went with me, to see his daughters dress...  We approached the very quiet building, I could see through the crack in the door LOADS of silent people.  I slammed the door open and quickly moved out of the way...

There Lori stood in the open doorway in complete shock while 151 of our closest family and friends yelled
and rushed at her.  The music started and the fun began!

Lori made her way around the room and around 8 we all sang 'Happy Birthday'.  This was followed by a pinata, the Limbo, Chicken dance, Hokey Pokey, Macerana, Electric Slide.....  and then karaoke where the kids sort of took over, except for this 1 gem I happened to get of Lori and 3 of her best friends...

Hours of dancing and singing and talking and laughing and a splendid time were had by all.  There were people and kids everywhere and finally the relief for DJ&I to not have to keep this secret any longer...  Weeks of planning and secret activiteis all paid off.  We got home all too excited to sleep and opened the gifts people brought.  What a hoot.  What a great day.  What fun we had and will never forget...

300 Chicken Fingers
151 Guests
  93 Bigs
  58 Littles
  40 Years celebrated
  31 Days of intense planning and lying
    7 Line dances
    4 Hours of serious partying
    2 Cakes
    1 Seriously Surprised, Overwhelmed
       and Ecstatic Lori
Uncountable fantastic memories...

We love you Lori...