20110422 + Adventure Day!

20110422 + Up early and to the hotel cafe for breakfast in shifts, DJ&I first, then G&I.  We got all packed up and called Aunt Martha and headed to her house that was only a couple blocks away.  We had a nice visit as the boys stalked her cats and then we kidnapped her and took her with us.  Our first stop was the 'Madonna of the Trail' and our fist geocache as well!

Then from there we took some winding roads and found the 'Prabhupada's Palace of Gold and City of God' where we took a nice tour and learned about their religion.  Martha was a good sport and i think learned a lot ;-)

Back on the twisty roads to Moundsville and the 'Marx Toy Musuem' the boys were in heaven, but wanted everything they saw.  We got the scoop on a local place to eat and had a great meal at 'Bob's Lunch', gravy covered fries is their specialty, YUM!

Back on the road and stopped at the 'Grave Creek Indian Mound' and museum, it was pretty cool and we found a geocache with cool stuff in it there.  The mound was directly across from the castle like old West Virgina State Penitentiary, they would NOT take the boys :-(

One more stop in WV for a geocache, we found it but it was soaking wet.  On the road and over the Ohio River to Bellaire where we found the 'Toy and Plastic Brick Museum' = LEGOs.  I mean I have never seen so many LEGOs in all my life.  We were all amazed at the awesome displays and things they had built.  This is a must see for anyone with kids that like LEGOs!!!

Back on the road and Martha directed us past the site of McColloch's Leap, which is a great story.  We got Martha home about 5pm and said goodbye, except for G who talked some much during the day wore himself out and was dead asleep.  We had a great day with Aunt Martha and hope we did not wear her out too much :-)

On the road heading home and made a stop at Buckeye Lake for a Pizza Cottage dinner and hot wings.  We got home, things put away and our 3 tired little fellas from a huge 24 hours adventure went right to bed.  This day was great and so much better than had I sat behind my desk...