20110407 - Sick Boy, Football and Scouts

20110407 - Pretty frustration first 6 hours of work today.  Project not clear...  Finally finished the day off strong.  L took D to the Dr as he felt weak and has a sore throat...  Played football with G&J a bit, I taught G how to trow a football, and of course he is now throwing perfect spirals  :-o   J&I all dressed up and to a Scout Pack meeting and then out for coffee afterwards, played tic-tac-toe and J did some texting to L on my iPhone.  Home and finishing things up for a fun weekend at the Farm and the annual Maple Syrup Day.

20110406 - Worked all day straight through.  Dinner with the fam and played catch with the boys.  L&J to soccer practice.
D&g sword fighting and watching 007.  I helped a buddy move into the google cloud.  Watching 'Hoarders' with L.