20110429 + Early Late

20110429 + Up at 5am and to the airport only to have my flight cancelled and rerouted to get me home by 5pm :-o  I was suppose to be home by NOON!!!  Well got some different flights and made it home through NYC by 1:30pm.  Chatted with L&G, then G took a nap.  Called AT&T to change text plans, seems I am 511 text messages OVER my text plan :-o
Made a couple calls, boys home and out to the bank and dinner.  I took J&G to J's soccer practice and was playing on the playground with G until he had an 'I HAVE TO POOP' emergency.  We ran home and I dropped him off with L at D's baseball practice.  Back to J's practice and afterwards went to the store to get snacks for his game tomorrow.  While there he realized G was not with us and panicked a bit.  I told him we would go back for him after we got the snacks and he hurried me through the store.  We arrived home and I said 'Oh we forgot to get G.  I'm tired we'll go after him in the morning...' J flew out of the car to find L and there was G, he was relieved...  All boys cleaned up and to bed.