20110421 - Forgot; then Fun

20110421 - Up and at the desk.  Got a ton of stuff done today, always more to do...  Towards the end of the day I realized the boys had tomorrow off and on my personal calendar I did to, but I had not scheduled it with work :-o  so I made some quick calls and got things line up and shew, I was able to get tomorrow off :-)  I made some more quick calls and then emerged from the office hustling everyone to get there things together, 'WE ARE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!!'  We loaded the car up and were on the road by 6pm.  We had dinner in the car and the boys watched a movie.  When the movie was over we were in Wheeling WV at a hotel.  We got into the room and you would have thought the boys were in paradise, they were jumping on the beds and dancing and singing as they got their swimsuits on.  We went to the pool and swam until 10pm, followed by the traditional hot cocoa.  All to bed and G had terrible nightmares throughout the night..