20110416 - Wet Camp

20110416 - J woke me up at 6:45 :-o so out I went in the cold and got a fire going. The night was VERY WINDY, WET and COLD but we stayed dry.  Soon J joined me by the fire and another father son team as well and we cooked a splendid breakfast over the fire. 

We welcomed the other Scouts as they arrived and got set up and J was off with the other Scouts exploring and climbing and doing boy stuff.  We had stations during the day so the boys learned something.  L&G came out for a visit and a walk and liked out campsite.  There was even a BB gun range where we got to test our marksmanship. 

Dinner was served and J was ready for bed (7pm :-)  I got him into dry clothes and he was ready for more. We had s'mores at our campsite and then the Pack met for some skits and songs. Into the shelter for some chess and Texas Hold'em. Everyone headed off to bed and we were put by 9:30, exhausted from a really fun day.