20110405 + 4 Daze

20110405 - Up to a brisk clear morning, the boys had to walk to school.
L&G off to school, I had a slow start but chained to the desk.
L&G home, the Teachers at her school had a little party for her today for her birthday.  Everyone home, Sam & Lena over, we all had dinner then outside to play.  D&I hit the library then home and all to bed.  I fell dead asleep in the basement I think around 9:30, up to bed at 4am...

20110404 - Up to a rough rainy Monday start...  At the desk all day except for a trip to get Grant and have some lunch with him.  L to the hospital with GmaB for her surgery.  I had all three boys while working this afternoon and they did pretty good.  G to a nap, D&J got home, got themselves a snack and started their homework.  I made them some dinner and then L home.  GmaB's surgery went well and she headed home.  D&I to his Boy Scout meeting.  I hung out with Scott S.  Home, and tucked the boys in and off to Bible Bangers.  Nice small meeting.  Home and watched 'Changling' and work online until late.

20110403 + Up and all to church.  Had a pretty good debatable Sunday school session.  Home for lunch, D had a friend over to throw the ball and play on the Wii with all the boys.  I updated some records and got some things done around the house.  Fixed my bike tire and took a test ride with J.  Out to get gas with G and then met LD&J at Nic's for cake with the Cole's and Gma&paB.  I headed out early for a Scout Leader meeting and got home at 9.  Checked on the boys, watched some TV w/ L then into the office to get a jump on the week.

20110402 - All up super late: that is what a GREAT Party will do to you ;-)
Hung out all exhausted...  Watched some movies, L&J went grocery shopping, I got some things done at the desk and then DG, Lilly & I took a walk.  All back home and out to get some supplies for the next big party.  Grabbed some dinner at Panda Express and stopped at Blockbuster, home and watched 'Yogi Bear' with the boys.  All boys to bed and then L&I watched 'Hereafter'.  Up late updating the blog and adding pages, see the new menu bar across the top ^