20110423 - Cash Vines and Sweeps

20110423 - Up late and out to the bank with J&G to meet the Cub Scouts.  We got a grand tour of the bank and learned a lot of neat stuff.  A quick errand to the Home Depot and then to pick the black car up from the garage.  DJG&I ran one more errand on the way home and then time for J&G to rest.  D&I got the lawn mower running and D mowed the entire backyard while I trimmed the grapevines.  I finished up the grapevine trimming in the rain and then in to get ready for a big night.

LDJG&I to dinner with Gma&paW, Mary and Lucia at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  We had way too much food and I was the only on to make a mess of themselves...  Across the river and to the Ohio Theatre to see Mary Poppins the play.  It was spectacular!  The boys all stayed awake and thought it was great, especially G.  Home afterwards and G was singing all the way to bed.