20110426 - Boston Bound

20110426 - Up early and checking G out in his clothes he picked out himself for school (better than I do most days :-).  Then to the airport and into the hotel to get some work done.

20110425 - Up and a rainy morning.  D&J to school, I took G to sitter, L to get a mammogram.  Sitting at the desk on a 3 hour con call getting caught up from the vacation weekend.  L&G home for lunch, Lilly captured a squirrel.  L back out to the dentist.  G took a nap and the AC guys showed up while I am on the phone...  More calls, boys home.  Boys home from school and grade cards....  not so great for some...  Bought a washing machine online and trying to arrange help while on calls... Out of the office and all the boys games cancelled for tonight.  L&D ran to get me some supplies for my trip this week and J&I dismantled the washer/dryer combo in the basement.  D home and ready for scouts, L mowing the front yard.  I met Scott at Scouts and we headed to Lowe's and picked up the washing machine.  Back home and met by Chris and we made short work of getting the old washer out and installing the new one.  Back to pick up D from Scouts, home and all boys to bed.  Out to Bible bangers with Doc.