20110413 - NC Adventures

20110413 - Up and ready in a perfect crystal blue North Carolina sky morning.  To the airport and met up with Norm.  We got our car and headed to Hickory NC.  We got there early so I introduced Norm to geogaching and we found 2; 1 in a parking lot and one off a nice trail in a park.  We had a just ok meeting...  Back on the road to the airport and made a stop at a very large shoe in Lincolnton.  Back on a jet and home by 7:30.  Had some dinner and got to see the boys a bit.  All boys to bed and catching up on mail, calendar, etc...

20110412 - Up before the sun and kissed the fam goodbye.  On a jet and to Boston.  Met up with Richard and we drove into the office with a stop for lunch.  We had our 2. hour meeting, picked up Eric and headed back to the airport.  Flew to Charlotte and to the hotel.

20110411 - Crappy rainy cold day.  Fast work and getting ready for travel tomorrow.  Dinner with the fam and then D&I to his Boy Scouts.  Home for a quick stop and then off to Bible Bangers.  We had a good meeting.  Home finished up and bed late.