100729 - Legs & Golf

100729 - Up and out to the beach. It was REALLY HOT (118 degrees!!!) today and we all got a bit too much sun. Back to the condo for lunch and naps for J&G while D&I headed out looking for some stuff he could buy (he is out growing the cheap beach toy store items :-( We didn't find anything suitable on our trip and headed back to pick up the nappers. L&I wanted a good seafood meal so I found a place that had a playground close and we sat under a awning and ate while it rained off and on and the boys ran back and forth to the playground across the courtyard. We were there early before the dinner crowd and it was easy and pleasant meal. If you look in the photo you can see the huge pile of crab leg shells Lori left behind.

After dinner we did the ONLY THING Grant wanted to do on vacation! Pirate Putt Putt!!!! The boys had fun and loved the skeletons and ghost cavern. Grant was thrilled :-)

A stop at Walmart of all places... and D finally found something to make him happy, a LEGO set. Back to the condo and suited up and off to the pool for a night swim. It was a fun time and LD&G headed back early so D could build his LEGO thing and J&I stayed and swam like fish for a bit longer. Back for a snack and G smashing a glass and bed.