100724 - Beetles

100724 - Up at the crack of dawn, loaded everyone into the car and off we go. L drove the first leg to in Newcomerstown to drop off Lilly for a vacation of her own. I took over and headed us South. L's job was to photo the State signs as we passed them and her picture taking ability lessened as we wizd through them.

She missed South Carolina completely...
We stopped at a rest area and found a geocache and a huge black beetle. Back on the road and soon we made it to our hotel. Here is the customary testing (jumping) of the beds, they passed.

We headed out for dinner @ Maurice's Pig Place for Carolina BBQ & sweet tea! We found a big green beetle outside the restaurant. A stop at Game Stop where some DS games were purchased. I took a detour so the boys could see The Civitas - Scandalous Statues: well worth the detour!

Then back to the hotel to test the games and the pool!