100726 - Surfping

100726 - Up early and straight to the surf. The big boys and I rode waves on our boards and then L traded me and G&I built a really cool sand castle with a moat and a tunnel door. Back to the condo for lunch and right back out to the pool where G is jumping in and swimming across the pool and the big boys doing fancy tricks.

Back for a snack and rest for all, except D who fought it by practicing his new ability to throw peanuts high into the air and catch them in his mouth. All back up and we headed into town and found some neat shops and a pub for dinner and beat the crowds. More shopping after dinner and all the boys got something that they could compare and argue over whose was cooler and faster and better... Back to the place into our suites and more swimming at the pool. One more snack and all joys to bed. L&I watching tv, checking email and relaxing as L put cream on my splotchy sunburn.