100709 - CUPS!!!

100709 - Up and worked.  D&J stayed home while L took G to the Dr.  I burned my favorite tunes (302) to CDs to listen to on our long drive for vacation.  L&D out this evening to VBS.  G&I dropped J off at buddy's to spend night.  Then on to Home Depot to get a dehumidifier and dinner.  Home and ate and played with cups for 3 hours...
L&D home, boys to bed and I'm up late updating the blog and naming photos.

100708 - Up and worked.  D watched G when L&J went to his Dr.  Then LD&J to VBS, leaving G&I home as G has a 101 degree  fever.  We Played a bit of catch, I made him dinner and an AWESOME hamberger for me.  Gave him a bath and all the noise came home and got them to bed.  I stayed up WAY to LATE on itunes getting all the songs I remember loving growing up.