100728 + Grantacus

100728 + Up and a different schedule today. We had bfast and then went to then pool. Back to the condo for a quick rinse and then to a different area of the island for a good seafood lunch.

A stop at the toy store and then a couple of hours on a big boat dolphin watching, seeing HUGE houses and a trip out on to the ocean.

Back to shore and climbed the light house.

It was really really hot so we found the Salty Dog Ice Cream Shop and everyone got a cool treat. Back to the condo for dinner and Grant tried on his new gladiator outfit and felt pretty indestructible as he attacked his brother in his full armor.

After dinner we went to the beach and played in the waves until it was too dark to see.

We had some glow stick things to throw around a bit and then headed to back for snacks, TV and bed.