100704 - Happy Family 4th of July

100704 - Up and LJG&I to church. Then we packed up and headed to Tiro OH for the A.C. Heydinger family reunion that takes place every 5yrs. We met D there w/ Gma&paW and about a hundred other folks we are related to... Here is Jack on the trampoline with the Flag flying high and the relatives lining up for pictures.

There was great food and lots of games, rock toss, swimming in the pond, digging for coins in the corn, a greased watermelon in the pond for the men and then one for the kids.

It was great to see every one again and I was lucky enough to get appointed to the planning committee for the next reunion :-o
We drove home, unpacked and got our traditional 'knee high by the forth of July' picture taken. This year we thought it would be cool to get our picture taken with the corn in Lori's garden, as the field corn around us is already in tassel this year.

Up late with the boys watching the 50's version of The Fly.