100716 - Got them ALL Back!

100716 - BAM!!! I woke up hit by bus and a 102 degree fever.  I was slow starting but got to the desk and got going.  I had a great presentation with a potential new customer today.  Then did some testing with Lee and took it easy.  LJ&G home, the noise is returning...  J had a good time at Gma&paB's and I really missed the little guy.  Good to hear his voice in the house!  I working until time to get D.  I miss him.  L didn't think I should go because of the fever, but I wasn't going to miss him another minute.  We drove up to Mansfield and picked up GmaW and on up to Mowana.  We got there and D was very quiet, offish and ready to leave.  We ate outside with all the parents and campers, but D had had enough...  So we got his stuff from his cabin and skipped the sing along and bailed out.  We stopped at the farm for only a minute as D HAD to get to McDonalds.  We drove home and he did open up a bit in the car and shared some stories and songs with us.  We found out that one day he did not swim because he woke up not feeling good and was too cold to swim...  He had the same fever, G had and I got...  Poor boy that would not be fun at camp...  When we got home, he is very tired, got his things put away, watched 'Baby Geniuses' and all to bed.

I was a bit disappointed that D was not a bit more upbeat and excited about his stay at camp.  I could tell he was pretty homesick and his buddy said D really missed his Mom.  I was proud that he did it and even more happy to have him home and Jack too.  Although it got exponentially louder the instant we walked in the door... I wouldn't trade it for a mound of gold.