100705 - Exploring

100705 - Up and had the day off!  Did have to sit at the desk for a bit and get some stuff done, but then out we went!  I got the boys and we walked up the street to the creek.  We got in the water and the adventure began.  We took a two hour hike upstream through the neighborhoods and backyards and saw things you never would from the street.  We caught fish, got wet, laughed and had a good time.  D's buddy Seth joined us about half way through and we ended up so far away that Lori had to come pick up is at an apartment community.  I guess that is what happens when you creek hike for 2.5 hours :-o

Oh but we arn't done yet!

We grabbed some grub, got on our suits and hit the pool.  no better way to get rid of creek scum than the public pool ;-)  Home changed and to the church for dinner and the first night of Vacation Bible School or VBS I am told...  I left L and the boys there and walked home.  I then got some supplies and headed over to Joes house and we took down a HUGE tree in his front yard, piece by piece without hitting any houses, cars or mailboxes...  to our amazement.  Joe's little boy worked with us and I can only imagine the damage we did to him ;-)  We did manage to burn our Joe's electric chainsaw with just the trunk left to cut down.  So Joe came over and got mine and stayed a bit to see the boys ride over the ramp they built and talk with Doc.  I got the trash out and then headed to McD's to meet the Bible bangers...  LONG FUN DAY!!!!