100711 + Camper

100711 - Up and G still sick so I stayed home with him while L&D went to church. G&I looked through the paper and had to stack more damn cups and pitch him baseballs... L&D he and we got a quick lunch then met the Brants to deliver D & his buddy Seth to Camp Mowana. We got the boys delivered, they passed their swim tests and their moms made their bunks for them. Good Luck fellas!

Back to the farm where L&G rode the pony and went to Dave's to get a bike thing. Then Gma&paW took us to the worlds slowest restaurant for diner. We had a good meal while some questionable patrons attempted the 'food challenge'. We were glad he didn't barf all over the place. Home and it is QUIET.

100710 + Up and J off to Newcomerstown with the Coles to spend the week with Gma&paB.  G wanted to do baseball pitching so D&I threw the ball with him a bit.  Then LDG&I headed out for some errands and visited the house we have on the market now to install a dehumidifier.  We then hit some stores looking for supplies for D to take to camp.  We stopped at Walmart and the clerk told D his gift cards were empty and threw his cards out...  D was a bit upset and told me he thought he still had $ on his card.  SURE ENOUGH $12 BUCKS Walmart tried to screw D!!!   We hit a DQ for lunch and then to 3 book stores to find some owl book...  Home and we had a lot of fun packing D's stuff for camp.  L had him packed for 3 months at sea and I kept hiding things under the bed, the poor boy...  We headed down to watch a movie and then all boys to bed.