100718 + Fair but not the weather

100718 - Up and J had a bad bloody nose.  So J&I skipped church today while LD&G went.  After we got the nose under control J, Lilly and I headed out to to get gas and Target.  We all met back at home and L fixed an awesome lunch of brats, corn on the cob and fresh melon.

After lunch we loaded up in the car and headed to the Franklin County Fair.  We saw a big storm coming and waited until it passed, found a geocache, got some gas and then in to the fair to see the rabbits, chickens, horse races, displays, dog show, lemonade, bucket of fries, clown show, horse show, funnel cake and back to the car before the next storm rolled through.

We stopped and picked up a pizza on the way home and got home to find Lilly hiding in the basement...  Outside we found Lori's garden flattened and a big part of our cherry tree down against the play-set.

Nothing we could do with all of the rain so we ate, watched some TV, got the boys to bed and hopefully back on some sort of a schedule.

100717 + UP feeling better.  G helped me get the tag along bike thing attached to my bike.  We got G on it and he can help pedal and off we went...  DJG&I headed out on the bikes to get D's pictures developed from camp.  and then a stop at the Gahanna hardware store for water saving stuff.  We rode out bikes home and installed our water stuff and did experiments to see how much water the new things will save us.  The boys were amazed and I hope my water bill drops.  We headed back out to get the car ready for the trip, all cleaned out and fixed the seat.  We got all our music and movies loaded up and are ready for the road.  We ran some errands and had a huge dinner at the Hometown buffet.  We hit the playground to let the boys run off some of their energy.  Home and the boys played with toys as they packed their tool boxes for the trip.