100701 - Last Games

100701 - Half of 2010 is now official over...  Worked, took a walk with Lilly, then more work.  I have no idea where L and the boys are today... But they made it home for dinner and to get to Grant's last baseball game.  He did great and got a trophy he shows to EVERYONE.  The final game for Dylan's league was going on so we stayed to watch it.  Well the the defending lost the first one, so they had to be beat twice so they had to play again...  We stayed for what turned out to be a double header and a couple of great games.  We got home after 10.  Got the boys to bed and I was determined to eat one of the steaks we just got. It was AMAZING!!!!

100630 - Up and over to the rental property to meet the Sheriff and my moving crew.  Thankfully the tenants were gone and left the place in good shape.  We trashed it out quickly, changed the locks and set the wheels in motion to sell this sucker...  Home worked the rest of the day.  After diner the boys helped me clean out the garage and then the beef showed up, about 300 pounds!  everyone helped carry it to the new freezer.  We somehow ended up tonight at Smoothie King for a bunch of VERY expensive chalky crappy tasting fruit, chocolate, ice blended gunk YUK!!! Last trip there forever...  Stopped by a park for some play time and home up late working.