090829 - Dusty Bottoms

090829 - Up and L&J off to soccer practice, DG&I hung put and cleaned up after bfast and hung out and watched our neighbor get one of their big trees cut down in their backyard. When we all regrouped we saddled up and headed to the Farm. At the Farm we picked up Gma&paW and headed to the Richland County Fairgrounds for a big flea market. We saw tons of treasures and everyone got something... On the way home we stopped at Camp Mowana to see the new barn they built in place of the old one that burned down. While there the boys saw a tee pee and took off running to it. We explored a bit and then back to the Farm for some pony rides. We hitched Dusty up, Aunt Weezer showed up, and we were off to the races! Here Jack is taking Weezer on a ride. After everyone had their fill of rides we got Chinese and dinner in the old farmhouse. Headed home, showered the boys up and everyone off to bed after a fun day.