090812 - Jack

090812 - Thought you all might like an update on our Jacky-boy. Last week he got a fever and a sore throat. We took him to the doctor on Friday for a strep test which was negative. Our pediatrician told us she thought it was a virus, but if he still had the fever on Monday we would do blood-work. Saturday he was fine, but Sunday night he got a terrible headache and the fever returned. Monday we went back to the doctor even though his fever was very low and he seemed better and got the blood-work because of his history. Tuesday we got a call that his white blood count (specifically neutrophils) was quite low again and his platelets were low as well. Today GmaW came down to watch D&G so L&I could take Jack back into the doctor for more blood-work, his platelets did increase somewhat but the white count was the same (500 when it should be at least 3000). We are headed back to the hematologist on Tuesday morning at Children's Hospital. Jack is feeling fine, no fever, no headaches. He is swimming and playing, a little tired, but pretty normal. Seems to be a mystery and the strangest part is that it has been exactly one year ago, to the day, that Jack had to go see the hematologist at Children's for being neutropenic !
Please keep him and our family in your prayers and we will keep you updated when we learn anything new.