090801 + Lightening Bugs!

090801 - WOW it is August 1st, where is this yera going so quickly? D&J still up @ the Farm so all quite on Heil Dr. Grant and I started off the morning watching Doc mow the yard and then we planted so hostas together. We next got the sprayer out and went back to Round-UP the poison ivy patch across the back of the yard. The neighbor, Bob, helped us pound in a big stake so we could redo the back corner of the fence. G went in for a nap and I helpd Bob cut up a tree, not so happy about losing more shade in the backyard... Then Grant back up after the nap and we had hamburgers on the grill, visited Jim, another neighbor, and checked out where he was going to put his shed. Back home for some baseball and catching of fireflies. Inside to watch VH1 top 100 of the 80's and Grant dance to hits we love. Took the boy up for bed and couldn't resist him running around in his big boy underpants and gave the fellow his first official wedgy! He had to go down and show mommy :-) Read him a book and got him to bed.
090731 - Up worked all day. Met with the neighbors about buying their dad's house. Grabbed some dinner and then LG&I waled to Friendship Park for a concert and playground time. Grant loves Caroline, my buddy Jeff's daughter and they hung out for a long time. Walked home and looked for the Indians' game on TV but couldn't find it. We were hoping to see D&J w/ Gma&paW, but couldn't find it. Got Grant cleaned up and off to bed. L&I watched TV and surfed the web.
090730 + Busy day at the desk. Took a break to run to the Dr., bit nervous about my heart... Dr. said everything was 'great'... hmmm.... Home and GmaW here to get D&J. They're heading off for a 4 day adventure!!! Finished work and LG&I delivered a couple letters to our renters and grabbed a bite to eat. Then we headed to Magic Mountian for a round of put-put golf, Grant LOVES it! home and watched movie.
090729 - J had his 6yr check up today, all good. It was raining so L bravely took DJ&G to a movie. I had to stay home and work :-( They got home and we played some kickball before dinner. Then back to the school playground where L&Lilly took a walk around the track while Jack rode his bike and DG&I played catch on the muddy baseball fields. A quick stop for all at the playground then home for some Disney planning and staying up till 3am for some work...
090728 - UP and my morning derailed by an system change that came from out of no-where... After an hour recovery, the hour I needed to prepare for today's meetings, the meetings started, but both were luckily canceled! Had a good talk with Tom today and getting lined up for more structure. Finished the afternoon work, and had a fresh from the garden sweetcorn dinner on the back porch. Then the family walked to Creekside Concert and spent the rest of our savings at Coldstone on some ice-cream… Home got the boys baths and to bed. Now for a movie and some email.