090821 - Survivor

090821 - Up and a full good day getting lots of things captured and done. Right after work I ran into the back yard and started helping L set up for D's 'Survivor' bday party. We got the rope course set up and D&J had a blast trying it out. While setting thing up we met our new neighbor Joe who is buying Mr. Smalley's house next door. He seems like a really nice guy. Before we knew it we had 12 screaming kids running all over the backyard, welcome to the neighborhood Joe ;-) We started the games; grab marbles out of a tub of ice water (with your toes...), eating worms (gummy) buddies in whip cream, water ballon target throw, treasure hunt, rope course, tug of war and balance on a pedistal. The boys had a BLAST! We had smores around a fire while D opened his presents. As the party ended the parents showed up and we all hung out on the patio for the after-party! Everyone, kids and parents, had fun.