090808 - Dan's 40!

090808 - Nice easy morning. J&G helped me spray the poison ivy again. Then L&D headed out to D's baseball practice while JG&I headed to Dan Shupe (one of the Bible-bangers) 40th bray party @ Friendship park. L&D met us at the party after practice. Home & D split off w/ one of his friends to go to the skate park. G down for a nap, J fell asleep on me watching a movie in the basement & L made cushions for her new glider... When D came home we packed up and are now at a Columbus Clippers game.
090807 - Fast and furious Friday... Bailed out a couple minutes early to go see the new G.I. Joe movie with D&J: G was NOT happy to be left behind... The movie was really good and full of action and cool special affects. D,J&I grabbed some fish and chicken at Long John's and then home for some catch and play time with G&L.
090806 - Work and J,G&I took D to his first baseball practice for the Fall season.