090809 - Fun hot day

090809 - Up in the am and L&D to church where D had to acolyte. When they got home we grabbed lunch and ate on the road pu to the Farm. We met up with Gma&paW and headed out to the Richland County Fair. Now this fair had animal! We even got to see our cousin Casey's horse and calf! It was plenty hot and the rides were still being set up so we enjoyed the animals, exhibits and ice cream. After we were all sufficiently roasted we headed back to the farm. G took a nap and Jack collapsed in a chair. Dad got the grill out and Aunt Weezer came over for a cook out. Jack didn't eat and L noticed his fever was back and he even complained that his brain hurt... odd for a little boy to say. We had a good visit and made one last trip down to the barn to explore, visit the cats, Dusty and Nibbles and then headed home. Got everyone clnd up and off to bed.