090815 + Start & End of Baseball

090815 - Up and out early, everyone to Dylan's first Fall baseball game. He got to play several different positions and got on base every time up! The boys did good and they won their first game. Jack and I split off from the herd and ran a couple of errands. When we all regrouped at home we had hot dogs on the grill and then outside for some shooting. We all shot Dylan's BB gun, then darts and pellets from my pistol and then the paintball guns! Dylan practiced his pitching while J&G rested a bit. Then some catch and neighbor kids over.
For dinner we met Dylan's Spring baseball team for a picnic. There was good food and lots to do. There was a kids vs parents baseball game where fathers got to pitch to their sons and the sons got to pitch to their dads. It was quite a hoot and when I was up I actually got 2 really good hits, but tagged out stealing home and while sliding into second... Dylan had a couple of good hits; and then things went horribly wrong... After got his second hit the bat slipped out of his hand and struck one of his friends, Nathan, in the face... With blood everywhere we had the ambulance out and it pretty much ended the game :-o (Dylan of course felt horrible and thought everyone there was mad at him and mortified for hurting his friend). After ambulance took Nathan and the boys settled down, the boys got their trophies and had some cake. We packed up and headed home. Patrick, Nathan's brother, came home with us so Frank and Christine could be at Children's Hospital. Frank stopped by to check on Patrick and gave us an update on Nathan: he has a broken nose, hemo-something (Blood clot) in his nose and will need stitches. Dylan, Jack and Patrick are up in the basement watching movie. I am going to try and get some rest.
090814 + Fast day at work.  L took D to baseball practice and J,G&I played in the backyard until L&D got home. I cooked some food for a late night dinner and then L&I watched a movie.
090813 - Worked all day, set a new 'goal' for myself...  After work L had everything prepared very nicely and we had some of the neighbors over for dinner. They brought their kids and we did not see the kids again until 10:30 when everyone left. It was nice to just sit on the back porch and talk, laugh till our sides hurt and have some good conversations with friends.