090824 - SNAKE!!!

090824 - Up and a day for Dylan. I usually take each boy's birthday off just to do fun stuff with them, but this year Dylan's birthday is the first day of school and he has a ball game that night. So not to fun... So I took today off instead! We started the morning off going to the Kingdom of Bounce for some jumping sliding fun. Then to Creekside for a picnic lunch and walk in the creek, where both Dylan and Jack fell in... SPLASH! DJG&I walked home wet and Lori met us there. We did a quick change and then to Meijer where D returned some of the gifts from his friends and got some cool LEGO set he didn't have and actually used some of the extra money to get something for J&G, HUUUU... GASPING in AMAZEMENT!!! On the way home from the store G fell asleep so DJ&I took a hike up the creek we go past on my walks and they have been begging to do all summer. It was a nice and cool on the feet wok but we saw lots of cool thing and treasure rocks etc... At the end of the walk Jack said, hey there's a snake under that rock. Yeah right... Then Dylan, not being so smart reached into the creek, and picked up the rock. Low and behold there was a snake! D grabbed me a stick and we held the snake in place so I could grab its head. We carried the snake home to a horrified mommy and put him in a container so we could identify him. The snake, now named 'Scales', is a Northern Water Snake. Now it is not a venomous snake, but his saliva contains a substance that inhibits the coagulation of blood... not so handy for Jack and his low platelets, so we have to release him later tonight on the way to Jack's soccer practice.
090823 - Up and cleaning out the garage from the weekend's festivities. Jeff Grossl came over and helped me pull out the poison ivy from the back yard and stretch some fence. We hung out the rest of the day unit Dylan had to earn his swimming merit badge for scouts. After that we all had dinner at Cici's.