090811 Rolling Ridge Ranch

090811 - L and the boys and Grammy Connie and Grampa Steve visited Rolling Ridge Ranch in Sugarcreek, Ohio. They had a great time. An Amish man drove a covered wagon around an animal park and they got to feed and pet the animals as they came up to the wagon. A couple of times the boys had to put the feed on the floor because some of the animals liked to steal the buckets! It was a lot of fun and Grant even got to drive the horses as they pulled the wagon (he was in heaven)!
I got a call from Jack's Dr and his blood is bad again... We have to get jack to the Dr. Tomorrow.
090810 - HAPPY 61st b-day DAD (GpaW)!!!!
WOW was out to install new VOIP phones today, hope it helps... Paul, my coworker in Boston had a mini stroke last Friday afternoon while I was at GI JOE... Jack went to the Dr becasue he had a fever that lasted 6 days and they drew blood. Fever gone & L took D,J&G to Newcomerstwon to Gma&paB's for a couple of days. I get to work... Not exactly fair...