20240428 - L headed over to Gma&paB’s to see a concert with Nicole. Up late and carried all the things I have to do out to the table in the porch. Stack of stuff is so big I decided to do none of it and took Hazel to the dog park. We stopped at Wendy's to get some food on the way home and then ate on the back porch while watching TV. I think thought I should go in and get a pad of paper to organize all this stuff I have to do... Then I thought, no, I need to put it in OneNote so I should get my computer. But if I use my computer I will have to run an extension cord. But I' haven't finished installing the new outlet on the back porch yet, so what if I add another outlet where I sit so I don't need an extension cord?! SO I started construction that took WAY LONGER than expected, but now i have an outlet right above where I sit, so no more extension cords needed! Then I noticed the bug zapper wasn't working and many of the lights we have strung up don't work... So I took down all the lights, ordered a new bulb for the bug zapper and started hanging new lights. L home, not impressed her new storm door wasn't on :-) but she helped be find lights and we got some new ones up and it looks great. It took in the stuff from the porch I didn't get done and couldn't leave outside and relaxed the rest of the evening.