20240418 - Missed Game

20240418 - Up late and ran through Giant Eagle to pick up a prescription on the way to work. Got to the office and met with Spectrum about our new Internet service we are getting, and shortly after with AT&T about our backup service we plan to install. Hijgmout and chatted with Cory a bunch today. Spent time with Lonie and MattR in the basement doing IT stuff. Late in the afternoon 4:19pm I got some texts from parents asking if we had a game today. Apparently we do. I guess I’m out of the loop for sure. So I created the event in Team App to let the parents know. There was no way I was going to make it there by 5 and I texted G and he’s not playing, so I just kept working. Finished up my day, took out the trash and headed home. Home and J&I had some pizza and wings on the back porch while I chilled out and threw the ball to Hazel.