20240425 - Up late and headed in to work. Called uncle Russ on the way in to have him check out a car for me down in his neck of the woods. Got there and worked with the AT&T guys in the basement as they installed new fiber to the server room. Upstairs and chatted with Brian and CB a bit about a new project. At the desk, had pizza with the team. Russ called and gave a good report on the car, sounds very nice. Back tot he desk to finish the day. Headed home and stopped at the car place to check out the car and get a Carfax report, they got eh front rotors replaced today and the seat they ordered was the wrong color. Home and sat on the back porch with L and Hazel. J home and told us about his day. G home and chatted a bit. He took his car title to Tuffy and got the cash for the car, cleaned it out and taught the guy how to use the fancy stereo he had installed. Pretty proud of him for doing all that... In and L&I tried to watch a movie "Hold the Dark", it was supposed to be a thriller but it was slow and SUCKED! I filled our applications for car loan. Up late on phone scrolling through stupid stuff.