20240413 - Up, Tuffy called, they want $600 to put spark plugs in G's car... so we tried that, no change... So they are going to push it in Monday and do further diagnostics on it. Hazel and I took a load of stuff to the Goodwill and then went and looked at some cars. Home for a bit and then I ran to the gas station, took the Benz through the carwash and headed to Westland high school to watch an unbelievable beat down that shouldn't have happened to us... Chatted with Abby, one of G's friends and she asked about the blog and why I numbered the boy's girlfriends, hahahaha. Home and Hazel and I ran to Burger King to pick up dinner. Home and watched some TV. L home late, she went to her girlfriends to sit in the hot tub and blah blah all afternoon/evening.