20240416 + Relaxed & Pulled Pics

20240416 + Up and G home for lunch. I got some things done at the desk then ran to Benchmark Bank to close my safe deposit box. After that I headed to the high school to pick up some stuff from the concession stand. Home and took Hazel on a walk and then back tot he desk. Got a bunch done and L home and we headed to Westerville Central for a ball game. I ran in to the dugout as soon as we got there and got GameChanger set up and then got the camera up. I showed Shane Ewald how to run the video so I didn't have to :-) I hung out with L and Tom and sat back in the shade and just relaxed as G is not playing... After the game L&I headed to Wendell's Pub to try their French Onion soup (not good) and wings. G upset he's got the best stats on the team and not playing. Home and talked him off the ledge. Sat out on the back patio with L enjoying the evening. I got some news sent out for the baseball team and then headed in to work on the getting all the pics and videos pulled from L&I's phones. To bed late 2ish.