20240427 +

20240427 + Up in the am and L&I headed to the ball field with a stop at Kroger to get weiners. Got the stand opened up and headed up to the pressbox. G started and played well today and the boys won. Perfect day for a game. Home and L started mowing, then scratch and BOM! A little old lady pulled right out in front of someone at the end of our road. I called 911 and observed for a couple min before starting on the license plate project. Got L’s new plate on and then started to install a new outlet on the back porch. L finished mowing and we headed across the street to sit and chat with Doc for a bit. He’s skinny as can be, hunched up a can’t see a thing. It was great to see him outside and catch up. L then wanted to go to Home Depot to get a new storm door for the front of the house. We picked up sandwiches from Popyey’s on the way home. Got things unloaded then sat on the porch for a bit. L in to color her hair. Hazel and I in. We turned on Netflix, another slow show, so tried another. I stayed up late researching CarPlay for L’s new car.