20210423 - Sitting Out

20210423 - Up in the am and to the desk. Got some stuff done and showed Cory some things. Ran to the high school to pick up some programs for the concession stand. Back to the desk for a couple meetings. G home and said he’s not playing tonight. He hurt his achilles/lower calf and the school trainer has him sitting until he gets reviewed on Friday… Headed to Kroger to get some supplies and then out to the baseball field to update the concession stand. Home, got L and we headed to Chillicothe to watch the game and provide internet and video. We got some Rax for dinner on the way down and just relaxed and watched the game. We won but barely... Long dark rainy drive home. Home and J had some buddies over. I stayed up and waited for G to get home. His leg still hurts him pretty bad. Stayed up late and watched the fest of Shogun.