20220129 + Stew

20220129 + Up way to early and printed off the baseball clinic online registrations. Hazel and I ran G up to the high school for the clinic and then swung through McD’s to get some bfast. Home and had bfast in bed with L. L up doing stuff, I fell back asleep for a bit. Back to the school to get G. We went to the bank and Kroger to get stew ingredients. Home and G tried some Mahi Mahi he heard people talking about, not his thing. I made a big old pot of beef stew. L headed out to pick up her grocery order. I tore the office apart to try another kvm configuration. G&I headed to Ohio Dominican for his pitching lesson. G did good pitching and we talked to the coach for a long time. Home and we had some yummy beef stew for dinner. I ran G to Trent's for the night. Home and watched a funny romcom with L. Got to bed in good time.