20220102 - 1st Drive

20220102 - Up in the am, L feeling a bit better and JG&I gave up waiting on D to sow up to go to the Farm with us. We were already leaving late with J's primping. We stopped at Goodwill to drop some stuff off and we broke the glass in GpaW's gift.. Back home to swap out the glass and it wasn't broken, so on the road at last... JG&I headed up. It was s good trip and I pulled in where the old school house used to be and made G drive. he was very nervous... G did ok driving and we made it to the Farm and GmaW had a bunch of food ready for us. We ate and got GmaW's new Google Hub set up and the pics started rolling across it. We headed in to the living room and opened our gifts. Everyone got some good stuff and GpaW liked the 1869 map we got him of Mifflin Township. We packed up L&Ds gifts and J drove us home. Home and unpacked everything and L and Hazel got back from their walk and L opened her stuff and liked all of it. J&G gave a report to L of the visit and gifts they got. Boys headed up and L&I watched some football and relaxed missing the Winger Christmas party at John and Mary's :-(  Lonie was in the area and he stopped by to pick up his presents from GmaW. J lost something for his Xbox which somehow led to me in the basement sorting through our tub of Nerf guns. L&I watched football and whatever else was on TV while we got other little things done here and there. To bed not to late, but up to late on the PC.