20220126 - Timer

20220126 - Up in the am and LJ&G in school. Hazel and I up and freezing, it is 8* today. At the desk and it is an email flush day. Hazel and I took a big walk and back to the desk all ready for tomorrow. Out of the office and threw the ball for a long time to Hazel  in for dinner. After dinner L&I joined a zoom call for the Vocal Music Boosters. If they had 100 people attend the music program would get $500. They were at 99 and I logged in on another pc as Hazel to hit 100 and it worked! A couple folks know Hazel and texted me to thank her for getting them to the $500 hahaha I headed to the school and picked G up from baseball. Home and jumped on an OHCrypto call with some guys to chat about crypto. To bed on the ox and watched some Doom Patrol.