20220115 - High Heel Chair

20220115 - Up early and L had ran G to the baseball clinic at the high school, where for the first time he was teaching and not a camper. I got the list of campers pulled from online and ran them up to Cathi, Coach Shade’s wife, and we blah blahed a bit. On to McD’s to get sausage McMuffins for the week. Swung by the gas station to get a new lotto ticket and coffees for L&I. Home and we had bfast and then headed to Newark to meet Gma&paB to exchange Christmas gifts. Home and I ran to pick G up. One for a minute and then G&I headed to his pitching lesson. Grant got loosened up and had a good session. Home and I took hazel on a big walk way down and around Creekside. Home and watching some football. Trent came over to spend the night with G and he beat me at Trouble and tested out the high heel chair.