20220113 - Let Me Know

20220113 - Up late from a very sleepless night. LJ&G at school. I got on the PC and got my day rolling. J home in the middle of the day making a ton of noise while I was on a call. Hazel and I took a quick walk before I got on more calls. I finished my day and L cooked some dinner. After dinner L&I headed to the Mallonn’s to see their new kitchen. We stopped at the gas station on the way so I could get my monthly lotto ticket and the lady there wasn’t able to figure out how to get my ticket… on to check out the kitchen. It was beautiful and had all the latest gadgets and gizmos and places for them. We chatted for a bit and then headed home. Home and a coworker called me to let me know he was resigning tomorrow. We chatted for a bit and I congratulated him and wished him luck.