20220116 + Jump Shot

20220116 + Up in the am and L took G to his baseball practice. I went to pick him up. Home and got the generator started in case we need it for the coming storm. Then L Hazel and I headed out for a big walk down around Creekside. It was a nice cold walk. Home for a bit and I started cleaning out the hanging files. G&I then headed out to New Albany for basketball, picking his buddy Taylor up on the way. It was a good game and G had some amazing plays. D&DGF13 showed up towards the end, some of D’s baseball players were playing on the other court. Home and D&DGF13 took L to pick up her groceries. Everyone home and we had a nice dinner and chatted and they opened the gifts from Gma&paB. After a bit G&I headed out in the snow for a hitting lesson to get him ready for tomorrow. It was a good lesson for him and got his focus back on baseball. We headed out and it snowed an inch or so while we were in there. The roads were worse on the way home but we made it. Home and finished cleaning out the hanging files for 2021 and then headed to bed and got organized for tomorrow.