20190202 - Smokin!

20190202 - Up in the am and headed out for J's indoor track meet at OSU. It was super cool but J and his teammates were put in a group of way older and faster competition that made them look like they were standing still... After the run we headed home, got some lunch on the way and dropped one of J's buddies off at his house. Home for only a minute and out to G's basketball game against his buddies. It was a super close game and G shot a 3 right at the buzzer for the win and it magically went in rolled around the inside of the rim and shot out... the crowd was electrified. But it didn't go through so they lost by 1. Home for a bit and then J&I headed to the gas station and grocery on the way to poker at our buddy mark's in Hebron while L went with the McClain's to a friends 40th bday party. J&I played poker and the horse racing game for hours and J won $80. It was a blast and it was good to see the guys again. J&I arrived home at 4am!