20190223 - Rainy Sights

20190223 - Up in the am and we ran through Mcd's on the way to the ball field. It was cold and damp but thankfully not raining. We sat through the game and D didn't get play... After the game we headed for a famous restaurant that  had gone out of business... So we went to the next place Harbaugh's and had an awesome meal. We talked to D a couple time, apparently there was an issue with the teams credit card and they couldn't get food for everyone. That resolved itself before we bought food for the team... LJG&I then headed to the top of Bald Knob mountain to the Cross of Peace where you can see forever, 6500 square miles for an awesome view. Well with he weather we couldn't even see the cross from the visitors center about 200 yards away... We went to the cross anyway and looked at the fog. Back down the mountain and to a art gallery that had a secret garden that was super cool. After exploring that we saw Boomer's (the world's fastest 3 legged dog) monument and back to the ball field for game 2 where in the middle of the game it started raining. We sat through the game and D didn't get to play... After the game we headed back to the cabin to eat but D called us and could go to dinner with us so we went and got him. We went to an Italian place that wasn't very good and had dinner. We then drove through a CVS to get some meds for his cough. Back to the cabin and relaxed and warmed up a bit before turning in.