20190203 - To Fast but Fun

20190203 - L ran G to practice at D-Bats in the am while J&I tried to catch up on some sleep. She came home and got J&I up. I tried to get a couple things organized at the desk before L got G, swung by the house to get me and we headed out for a basketball double header. We drove south to Teays Valley  for a game where I sort of upset the other team with good record keeping stating they used all their timeouts...  They were not happy.. .Boys won that one. Next was a long drive up north to Johnstown for an intense game that the boys won. Gma&paW came to game in Johnstown. After game we rushed home, L ran to grocery, J&I shipped ebay, G got cleaned up, L home and J&G not ready... To the McClain's late and had dinner and watched 1st 3 quarters of an extremely boring Super Bowl, commercials and half time not even that good... Home to watch the 4th quarter and to bed as soon as game over, BEAT, weekend was way to fast, way too busy, but definitely fun.