20190204 + 8 Mile Loop

20190204 + Up in the am and J moving slow, got him to school and in to the office to get organized as quickly as possible. Got a bunch done in the morning and then went to the other office for the remainder of the day. Finished the day in the new office and headed home through some pretty heavy traffic. Got home only for a minute and then G&I ran to pick up J from track practice. JG&I then headed to G's basketball practice and J told us about the 'G Loop' he just ran, from the high school to Creekside, North on the walking path all the way to Morris Rd, then East to Hamilton and then South back tot he high school, an 8 mile loop! Dropped G off at practice and J&I headed home and ate with L. After dinner J&I ran to Scouts to work in the library and catch up on our duties. We then picked G up from basketball and headed to the high school to pick up a cash register from the concession stand. Home for a minute before I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. It was Scott S's 50th bday today.