20190217 + Tapping Trees

20190217 + Up in the am and LJG&I to church. Home and I rushed G out to baseball practice, some were annoyed we were late, my response, God before baseball... they will get over it... I stayed there and talked with folks until practice was over and then headed home. I got stuff out to work on and the boys played on the Xboxes as I did things for G's baseball team and the boosters all afternoon. In the evening L ran the boys to youth group at church and brought us dinner home. I had to run and take G and Brady to the laser place as there were not enough seats in the church vehicles to take everyone. A lot of J&G's friends were at the laser place and they had a blast. I headed home and Chris and Vinnie stopped over to watch The Walking Dead. L ran to pick up J&G and after the show we all headed to bed. I woke up with the TV on and was a wake doing things on the PC until late.